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Feline Thyroid Clinic

Providing Radioactive
Iodine Therapy for
Hyperthyroid Cats
Since 1988

Doug M. Evans, D.V.M.

Doug M. Evans, D.V.M.

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: The clinic will be closed from February 8, 2019 until early April 2019 and will not be scheduling treatment for new patients between these dates. If you need to contact us regarding previously treated cases, either leave a voice message at 541.744.2966 or contact us via our Contact Page.

Please don’t submit referrals or request treatment for new cases until after the Clinic re-opens. Thank you.

Other facilities providing radioiodine treatment for hyperthyroid cats in Oregon and Washington are:

1) Oregon Veterinary Specialty Clinic, 503-292-3001, Beaverton, OR
2) VCA Raleigh Hills, 503-292-9227, Portland, OR
3) VCA Northwest Veterinary Specialists at 503-656-3999, Clackamas, OR
4) Four Rivers Veterinary Clinic, 541-889-7776, Ontario, OR
5) Feline Hyperthyroid Treatment Center, 253-471-9200, Tacoma, WA

Dr. Doug Evans was the first veterinarian in the Pacific Northwest to be licensed to provide 131I therapy for hyperthyroid cats at the Feline Thyroid Clinic in Springfield, Oregon. The clinic is a special purpose veterinary nuclear medicine facility that provides 131-Iodine therapy for hyperthyroid cats and their people.

Radioactive Iodine (131I) is the safest, best and ultimately least costly lifetime treatment for almost all hyperthyroid cats. There are no radiation side effects for treated cats, owing to the selective uptake of radioactive iodine by "abnormal" thyroid cells.

After receiving a painless injection of 131I subcutaneously on the day of admission to the clinic, cats can go home 4 days later.

Rosie 14 Years Old - Before Therapy Photo Rosie 15 Years Old - After Therapy Photo

Rosie, a 14 year old hyperthyroid
cat just before 131I therapy
(she weighs 5 pounds in this photo).

Here's Rosie six months later enjoying
a sunny afternoon in her back yard...
she now weighs 8 pounds.

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