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131I Treatment Referral Information - Feline Thyroid Clinic

Minimum referral database required to be submitted by referring veterinarian

Within 90 days of treatment date:

Physical examination
Blood testing: CBC, chemistry panel, total T4
Urinalysis, including urine specific gravity
Methimazole or Y/D trial, if cat can tolerate it (If urine specific gravity is > 1.035, then methimazole trial is optional)
Completed 131I treatment request form (see link below)

Please fax copies of above (541.744.2966) or e-mail (drdoug@felinethyroidclinic.com)


If cardiac disease is suspected (loud murmur, tachycardia HR > 240/min, gallop rhythm, dyspnea), cardiomyopathy should be screened for with chest radiographs, echocardiography (available through www.animalsoundsnw.com) or IDEXX proBNP blood testing prior to referral. Results should be faxed or e-mailed prior to treatment date.

Cats with “apathetic” hyperthyroidism (i.e. anorexic) should also have thoracic and/or abdominal radiographs as well as other indicated diagnostic tests to rule out occult neoplasia or other significant intercurrent illness prior to referral.

NOTE: Cats must be eating and drinking adequately on their own (i.e. no parenteral fluids or assisted feeding while hospitalized). Oral medications or injectable medications are OK during hospitalization.

Click here to submit 131I Treatment Request Form
(To be completed and submitted by referring DVM)

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