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"Thank you from the Faculty, staff and students at OSU School of Veterinary Medicine for taking care of Mac, our hospital cat when he had hyperthyroidism."

- OSU School of Vet. Med.

"Thank you for fixing me up in April. Now I'm running around, catching mice and birds, eating a lot, demanding and getting attention and sleeping whenever and wherever I please. It's a good life."

- Inky H.

"Spook is doing SO WELL!! She has gained weight (I can no longer feel her spine) and her fur is soft, smooth and healthy. She has a lot more energy and runs around the house like a kitten. Thanks again for helping Spook."

-- Connie C

"Lionel is pretty well back to his pesky, normal self! His fur is thick and healthy again and it sure is nice to see him feeling better."

-- Cynthia W

Lionel Puddin' Licorice
Lionel (12 yrs old):
"I've gained 3 1/2 pounds.
Here I am in the garden."
Puddin' (14 yrs old):
Lounging in her favorite place
- four months after 131I.
Licorice (16 yrs old):
Two months after treatment
enjoying dessert.

Molly Andy
Molly (15 yrs old):
Back to normal -
on the couch.
Andy (18 yrs old):
Catching up on a nap at home
six months following 131I.

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